Our Clients ~ Guemes island Residents

Mimnaugh Excavating has been serving the Guemes Island community since 2003. We can offer professional service for Guemes Island residents. We are the only full service excavation company that lives and works right here on Guemes Island. This gives us the ability to better serve you with your excavation needs. All of our equipment is here on the island giving us the unique ability to get whatever equipment needed ASAP without long delays.

Why use Mimnaugh Excavation is answered in one word. References. From being a present and productive company on Guemes for over a decade, it’s not hard to find “word of mouth” or customer referrals from residents. Typically, we all find Guemes from a friend or relative, and that’s a great place to start if wondering about contractor referrals. We work with many of the preferred contractors in most trades and are happy to guide homeowners.

Picking the right contractor is key to a successful final product.

Septic Systems ~ Septic Inspections ~ Utilities ~ General Excavation ~ Road Building ~ Other

Contact for what ever needs you may have for your project.